HENRI POZZI, 1935 (French diplomat and journalist) :
„If France had known – sixteen years ago –, with what hidden thoughts and aims those statesmen, who represented the nation in 1919, secured the „peace of law and justice”, if she had known then, and if she knew now, with what interests and with what intentions they brought suspicion on the honor of the homeland and endangered our future security: France, together with the whole of Europe, would not be where she stands today. . . „ In July, 1914, the only enemy of France was: Falsehood!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Justice for Europe!

Would you accept that USA/Great Britain is crippled by the Great Powers?

Yet that is what happened in Hungary June 4, 1920.

Since then, Hungary is still waiting the legal recognition from the international community, for the appeasement of the Hungarian people. In the hope that moral recognition, the National Assotiation Trianon has published the following statement:


June 4, 1920 is a day of mourning: the Hungarian people were crucified and dismembered. For the last 15 years, the Trianon Association commemorates this event every year. But what happened on the 4th of June in 1920? As historical precedent, Hungary, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was driven in the First World War, against of her will . After her defeat, the great powers designated the Hungarians as responsible for the war. As a result, the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles, in the Trianon palace, Hungary was dismembered by the Great Powers and the new boundaries were determined in an unfair way. One-third of its population was left outside its borders. 68% of the territories were taken from her, she could keep only 32%! The Hungarian people could never accept this unjust and unprecedented decision of its kind. Moreover, the "Treaty of Peace" of Versailles was the beginning of international tensions, which contributed to a considerable extent to the start of the Second World War and, later, the Balkan conflicts. This tension still exists today. The Trianon case still remains unresolved.

The Hungarian nation was not disrupted by the new frontiers. Its foundation and essence is the common language, culture and the historical tradition. And also the fact, that the Hungarians who are beyond the new borders, live in their ancestral homeland.
2010 is the 90th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon. Many celebrations were held in the dismembered country, as beyond the borders. Today, Hungary is part of the European Union where the borders are only symbolic, and national solidarity is provided by the historical values.

The history of Trianon is not only of Hungarian interest, it is a historic event that concerns all of Europe. The European Union can not ignore the "Trianon syndrome" because it must give the Hungarians the necessary moral recognition leading to reconciliation. It is not a border revision, which currently would only increase international tension, but the recognition and acceptance of the organic unity of Hungarians living on both sides of the borders. The Hungarian Government has made the most important legal step when on 26 of May in 2010, voted the law on dual citizenship, which allows to recognize the affiliation of Hungarians living beyond the borders, as a united, same nation. This law also allows Hungarians expatriated to apply for naturalization. It also need to be known, that regarding the nationality of the people, Hungary now is bordered by itself.