HENRI POZZI, 1935 (French diplomat and journalist) :
„If France had known – sixteen years ago –, with what hidden thoughts and aims those statesmen, who represented the nation in 1919, secured the „peace of law and justice”, if she had known then, and if she knew now, with what interests and with what intentions they brought suspicion on the honor of the homeland and endangered our future security: France, together with the whole of Europe, would not be where she stands today. . . „ In July, 1914, the only enemy of France was: Falsehood!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Justice for Europe!

Would you accept that USA/Great Britain is crippled by the Great Powers?

Yet that is what happened in Hungary June 4, 1920.

Since then, Hungary is still waiting the legal recognition from the international community, for the appeasement of the Hungarian people. In the hope that moral recognition, the National Assotiation Trianon has published the following statement:


June 4, 1920 is a day of mourning: the Hungarian people were crucified and dismembered. For the last 15 years, the Trianon Association commemorates this event every year. But what happened on the 4th of June in 1920? As historical precedent, Hungary, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was driven in the First World War, against of her will . After her defeat, the great powers designated the Hungarians as responsible for the war. As a result, the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles, in the Trianon palace, Hungary was dismembered by the Great Powers and the new boundaries were determined in an unfair way. One-third of its population was left outside its borders. 68% of the territories were taken from her, she could keep only 32%! The Hungarian people could never accept this unjust and unprecedented decision of its kind. Moreover, the "Treaty of Peace" of Versailles was the beginning of international tensions, which contributed to a considerable extent to the start of the Second World War and, later, the Balkan conflicts. This tension still exists today. The Trianon case still remains unresolved.

The Hungarian nation was not disrupted by the new frontiers. Its foundation and essence is the common language, culture and the historical tradition. And also the fact, that the Hungarians who are beyond the new borders, live in their ancestral homeland.
2010 is the 90th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon. Many celebrations were held in the dismembered country, as beyond the borders. Today, Hungary is part of the European Union where the borders are only symbolic, and national solidarity is provided by the historical values.

The history of Trianon is not only of Hungarian interest, it is a historic event that concerns all of Europe. The European Union can not ignore the "Trianon syndrome" because it must give the Hungarians the necessary moral recognition leading to reconciliation. It is not a border revision, which currently would only increase international tension, but the recognition and acceptance of the organic unity of Hungarians living on both sides of the borders. The Hungarian Government has made the most important legal step when on 26 of May in 2010, voted the law on dual citizenship, which allows to recognize the affiliation of Hungarians living beyond the borders, as a united, same nation. This law also allows Hungarians expatriated to apply for naturalization. It also need to be known, that regarding the nationality of the people, Hungary now is bordered by itself. 


  1. Finally something got to move...

  2. Ah, but it's never as easy as it seems on websites written from just one point of view, is it?
    You don't mention that in many of these parts of greater Hungary, Hungarians were a minority and the majority of Croats, Romanians, Slovaks, Yugoslavs, etc didn't want to remain part of Hungary. (Yes, I know lots of Hungarians were marooned behind these new borders, but it doesn't gainsay the main claim.)

    Also, recall what happened in the 1930s and 1940s when the fascist Horthy regime (allied to Hitler's Nazis) took many of these areas back by force - you don't go into much detail on that aspect, eh?

    Attempts to change European borders almost always result in wars - I say just live with it!

    1. jUST LIVE WITH IT. EH? WHERE A FUCK ARE u FROM? ARE u happily growing your arse on our EX LAND? Those areas belonged to Hungary always.

    2. Hey my friend,
      maybe it was belonging to Hungary for time, but it was not Hungary. You wish it was Hungary, but it was not. There was nothing common with Hungary, so never again :) These states has nothing with Hungary anymore, only borders. I am from Slovakia, and I do not see any point to talk about it. Sorry for that, but it is a true.
      My "brothers" live in Czech Republic. But to be honest, it does not mean that I do not like your country. Wish we allways live in peace, all nations. Unfortunatelly there was no peace for us, there was a try to change our nation, but God was with us :-)
      God bless you my friend in Hungary.

    3. It belonged to Hungary through conquest. But the ethnic composition was totaly different. Hungary ruled those lands through force, as the natives did not have any rights so to say. Romanians, slavs, croatians were persecuted and had a 'tolerated' status. In Transylvania hungarians barely amounted in 1840 to 20% of the populations, while romanians were 65%! Romanians had no rights, they were not alowed to decide their fate. 1920 is justice, Trianon is justice!

  3. Your truth is only half truth and also false truth... The Croats, Slovaks, ejoyed for long centuries of prosperity in a fair sized empire until the "globalist" elit did not started reshape Europe, turning peoples against each other to fit their own purposes.

    You can not really talk about Romanians and Yugoslavs living in Hungary. They never refered to themselves like that.
    These countries were invented quite recently, and for exactly for the purpose to dissolve Hungary, by the peacetreaty to "end all wars".

    The "peace" was unacceptable by any human standard, even Churchill admitted it.
    Since then it become commom knowledge, that THAT peace was the reason for the second world war.
    Horthy had no choice by choosing alliance...
    The fatally weakened country (by the winners of the previous war), he had no chance to stand up against the strongest army in Europe anyway.

    If you do a little rsearch about the Randall letters, you find that the "other side" some strong groups in Britain did not wanted Hungary to turn against Hitler, and why.
    You could find that Horthy did try to turn against Germany, but Britain turned deaf ears...
    Possibly directed the telegramms to the germans.
    Dig down and find interesing details!

    As you know the saying: Good fences making good neighbours...
    That even more true for borders.

    There is no doubt, the main purpose of the East European border sytem was to push ALL of those countries to the margin of Europe.
    The proof of that, none of the post Trianon countries was able to standing on their feet since then.

    Almost 100 years after Trianon, the Hungarians feel strongly about it, and that would not change...

    You say : "I say just live with it!"

    If you expect us to accept injustice, you may get it... And we may use this (accepted) injustice in an "unjust" world to get what we want... THAT way

    This is what you really mean?

    1. Created recent does not mean that the population was not there before. Germany was 'created' back in 1871 and Italy in 1870. Does this imply that germans and italians did not exist prior to these dates. Romania was first created in 1859, but we can trace the existance of romanians back to the 7th century (first mentioned by Byzantines). So way before hungarians established in Central Europe.

      None of the nations 'created' after 1920 are artificial. The populations that lived on that land were native and not alogenous like hungarians are in Europe.

    2. You are a retard and wrong. Romanians, Serbs were never slaves. Hungary treated them good. They were full accepted voting polgars and settled workers. There were no slavery in Hungary. Hungary were the good guys and they suffered not you. You didnt suffer in Hungary nor you suffered any time. Good people are the ones that suffer and we get the hate for being good people? Your country lies to you like shit.

    3. Hi, MMOplayeerr,

      If you say, you are on the Hungarians side, please do not use this kind of language.
      If you belive that, the Hungarians are "better" thean anyoine else, at least try to show it.

      Even as we deisagree with he neighbours about a lot of things, we have to follow the 1000 years of tradition, the respect of other nations... Even when they do not show respect. Other people's weakness should not be our moral guide.

      I hope you understunand this.

      Read about the mission of Hungarians :


  4. After 1918, however, Hungary became 100% Hungarian speaking country. Look at the future and smile. Szervusz!

  5. Szervusz !

    You missing the point...

    The Hungarians could smile in their "new" country...
    But... those Hungarians who overnight become strangers in their own homeland and being prosecuted for speaking their mothertounge or follow their traditions.
    They have less reason to look at the future smiling...

    1. Thank God that the 'newly created' countries did not behave like Hungary behaved towards them. You have no idea how much romanians, serbs, croatians and other nationalities inside the Hungarian Kingdom suffered. Romanians became slaves in Transylvania ever since the 14th century and the status was turned into law after Unio-Trium-Nationum.

      Hungary wants to look at a smiling future while others should once again feel how it is to be persecuted and labeled as sub-human. It got what it deserved in 1920. And after all the suffering the inflicted upon others, they were still treated fairly. But it seems like if you give them a finger, they take the whole hand.

    2. Your country lies to you as shit. Hungary treated Romanians, Serbs good, they were fully accepted voting polgars and settled workers. And they werent natives... Your country lies to you like shit. Hungarians were the good people and they suffered not you. Your shit country didnt suffer nor you suffered in Hungary. We are the good people and we get to suffer and even people hate on us. You fuckers should burn in hell.

  6. As an American, knowing Hungary only by university studies, a Hungary coursework, and a Hungarian girlfriend, I find the views on this blog polarized.

    Hungary, as established by king St. Steven(?) in 1001 AD, has always been meant to be a multinational country. Evidences of this are 7 Magyar + 3 Kabar + 3 Cuman tribes uniting to start with, then the 13th century Assemblies of Torda (Saxons + Szeklers + Hungarians + Olahs/Romanians), and the ethnic composition of Rakoczy's kurucz supporters in the 1701-1711 war of independence, just to mention a few.

    Too bad, Kossuth(?) of industrialized Hungary did away with the above state building philosophy in 1848, hence the Trianon borders got to form, eventually. Before, the difference between the various Hungarians had been language, and now it is language that international interest exploits to make these "Hungarians" enemies of each other, labeling them Slovaks, Serbs, and Romanians.

    Proof of this internationally driven division by new borders (Trianon) today is found in many events, such as Slovakia's anti-Hungarian language criminalization legislation, as well as Hungary's EU proposal to consider all "Magyar" speakers of all the countries of the region to be "Magyars" as opposed to Slavs/Romanians.

    The problem is that if both Hungarians and Slavs/Romanians agree to segregate by language as per the above, then all Magyar speakers will loose their land outside Trianon Hungary, essentially turning themselves into foreigners there.

    Also, a further mistake by Hungary was not to allow Romania to enter the Visegrad treaty when it was signed, adding further and symbolic weight to the Trianon division.

    Today, the solution for both Hungary and its neighbors would be to enact a language UNIFICATION law instead of segregation. Language unification would be for example that all 3 countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Romania) enact legislation to print all their government forms in all 3 languages, and conduct 3-language state administrative services (such as business licensing, police services, courts of law, etc.). Some places in Europe can do this (e.g. Switzerland) but not the Hungary region so far, because of the strong international interest to divide people there. It would be interesting to note, that places lesser developed than Hungary, such as the Russian Federation, have already resolved this problem of external divisions.

    1. The last part of your text, it`s totally correct. I agree, it was exactly what i was thinking when i`ve seen this text. As Europe is already in a process of unification, United Europe, Schengen, we have no reason to estabilish new borders, but, we can add to Slovakia officilay hungarian language in the part of the region that used to be hungarian before, as well the same thing could help people living in the west part of Romania, which one used to be hungarian in the past. Two official languages, in West side of Romania romanian and hungarian, South side of Slovakia, slovakian and hungarian. That woould be fair enough.

  7. Hi, American Anonymus, with a Hungarian girlfriend,

    You did a nice study about Hungary.
    St Steven, in his letter to his son, (what can count the second Constitution in Europe) specificly made a point about building a multiethnic and a multicultural country.

    Please ask your girlfriend to download Dr. Szádeczky Lajos speach when he accepted the presidencyof the University of Kolozsvár...
    This explains well how the Hungarian multikulti worked for centuries: http://pozitivvisszacsatolas.blogspot.com/2011/02/magyar-kultura-nemzeti-hivatasa.html

    Kossuth was trying to defend hungarian interests first of all against the Habsburgs, who in turned the minorities against Hungary.

    But if you take a look at the ethnic maps of the 1920's years, you have to notice the deliberate effort to cut clearly hungarian speaking areas away from Hungary...
    Today the number of hungarians are smaller as the result of the forced language laws and discriminations, but still can be find large hungarian communities.
    So it is true, we need to step back from language and cultural division, and think in region, and a medium size power in Europe

  8. There is a MA's Thesis very well supported, academically speaking, which explains that 1919-20 and 1945 borders are completely non-sense, and pure result of the will of Great Powers, namely USA, UK and Russia. Who collected gains with that events? Not so hard to guess: France, Poland, Romania, but also Russia, Italy and States of Former Yugoslavia. Hungary, Austria and Germany were, of course, the victims.
    Unfourtunately, the thesis was written in portuguese. If you don't understand the languague at least you can take a look in the maps.


    1. Thanks... this looks good by the Google tranlation... But if you have other supporting resources in this matter that also would be welcome!


    1. You are a little short sighted.
      The global powers destroyed Hungary to stop competition from Central Europe. If you look a little objectively, you can see, that Serbia did not get any better with the territories from Hungary. Yugoslavia was a Frankensten, and fell apart when the western support disappeared.
      The global powers punished Serbia for not making profit for the IMF, taking away Kosovo.
      The whole idea of Trianon not to give a prise to Hungary's neighbours, but to make the whole region dysfunctional, so it is easier to control.
      As long this system is working, nor Hungary, nor Serbia or Romania can't get on their feet.
      People like you, should realise, that keeping Hungary in pieces is a death warrant to the whole region.
      Serbia can stick to Vojvodina, and Romania to Transylvania... But none of you can make a use of it for almost 100 years. You only run these territories down to the stone age.
      If you cut off my leg and saw it to your bottom, you can not run any faster... But if you give it back, together we could take the lead over this European corrupt bunch of criminals.

    2. The system that you want to see is a system where only hungarians are happy while the rest should remain unhappy like it was before 1920. Do you think that a new partition of lands will make the said states (i.e. Romania, Serbia, Slovakia) any less nationalistic or revizionist? No, you will make out of one problem, three more! Serbia is as nationalistic as it gets today. If you rape Vojvodina from them, then prepare from an onslaught of extreme nationalism there. Same for Romania. Romanians fought in 1848 with kids and women against hungarians, this much was the hatred accumulated after centuries of relentless hungarian marginalization and injustice.

      I think that the current status-quo is great. Hungarian minorities outside their country have the same rights like all the others (they want to be special though, but that is not possible), they are not treated with disrespect at all. At least in Romania. Romanians did not have the same treatment while under Hungarian rule, mind you.

      Yugoslavia and Romania as they were before 1989 were more prosperous than Hungary. We ran them better. But thanks to wild capitalism and to some foreign countries interfering in our internal affairs, things just went down to the stone age as you remarked. Left alone, we could've done better. But when others wanted to turn us from producers to consumers, they ultimately had to destroy everything good that was built in 150 years of existance. The communist factories that were making heaps of profit back in the day are now gone. From exporters we became importers, thanks to the big powers that wanted to see a weak Romania, rather than a strong one. EU, US and NATO seeks the same thing. Romania had more military power in 1990 than Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary together. Now most of that was lost or reduced.

    3. Erdély soha nem volt oláhoké!

      Olyan gyülölettel irsz itt rólunk hogy fölforr az ember vére - és gyülölet gyülöletet szül%
      Te a megosztást a kaoszt szolgálod!

  10. Wauuu! Very,very interesting comments and quite multinational,nice indeed. There are massive winners and the biggest loser in Trianon. Start with the biggest loser Hungary who lost 71.5% of its land and 63.6% it`s people. Funny enough between the losers was Germany lost 13% only and Bulgaria 8%.
    I am not that great with facts, did not lived that time,but unfortunately got involved when I was born in a town(Komarom) which has got divided by the river Danube, chopping my town into two parts leaving us foreigners(minorities) in our own homeland. My town always had it`s rule in History,where people died for our land for hundred years. One of the greatest castles of all time still stands there.(fighted the Mongols,Turks ,also 1848)
    Hungary is not just known about the Rubik`s Cube or defeating England shamelessly at Wembley or winning Britain`s got Talent by Hungarian shadow dancers. Hungarian are the people who fought the Mongolians and stopped them with Poland to fly through Central Europe and making damages in Western Europe, this nation fought battles against the turks. Everything came it`s price and 15 million people got killed,which were deported from the neighboring countries,who turned against us in 1920. They were just mean and wanted more,but who pressed the bottoms were the Entent countries. They know what are they doing,weakening Central Europe for there own purposes,they didn`t care about anything else.
    well, now in the 21st century the lucky countries gaining land does not belong to them Slovakia,Romania ,Serbia, Ukraine are absolutely nowhere. just marked as Eastern European unfortunately alongside with Hungarians(people from the weak countries,accused claiming benefits or citizenships).The clever West doesn`t want them for them thoughs people are just a disease, taking workplaces from western people,easy to use them and just as easy to get rid of.Eastern Europian in any meaning should be a derogatory.why?because Hungary or Slovakia is hardly eastern Europe geographically and such a thing Eastern Europe politically does not exist since the Berlin wall came down nearly 25 years ago.
    Being alienated in my ancestors land, restricted to speak and study,needed passport to see my relatives,sent the other side of the river (other words get out)if I wanted to speak Hungarian.I wanted to find peace in abroad,possibly easier to manage,but the truth is you are where you come from,where is your blood from and I am a proud Hungarian.I want my town back,as it happened in Berlin. I believe that changes going to happen,even the gaining countries should feel they were only used to commit one of the biggest crime in History.
    Have a nice day everyone!

  11. I was born in Peterreve the Serb renamed it Backo Petrovo Selo.
    Yes, Trianon was a most unjust political maneuver against the Hungarians.
    No country ever was screwed in such a way by the allied forces. The guilty ones are Wilson, Clemenceau, Lloyd, and Benes. I myself am a victim even today. We as Hungarians always will have title to our land.
    Remember!! we did not sell it nor give it a way,so it will remains ours for generations to come.
    Look at my painting about the Trianon. www.festomuvesz.hu/balasa
    Do not take anything that does not belong to you. Even God's commandments will tell you.

    1. Then turn back to Asia where you do belong. You took lands 1000 years ago from others and now you claim that others should not the lands that originaly belonged to them? What a funny joke. Issue is that those lands were not yours as they were inhabited mostly by non-hungarian populations. So better live with it. Trianon is justice.

    2. "You took lands 1000 years ago from others ..."

      Typical indoeuropean aggressive attitude.
      In Europe, even before the Hungarians the people occupied each other lands, as national sport.
      But the Hungarians COME HOME 1100 years ago.
      They found here hungarian speaking Avars, Jazigs (Jászokat), Seclers and Attila's remaining Huns.
      There are tons of archeological evidence that in the past 6000 years there was constant hungarian speaking and WRITING in the Carpathian basin.
      There was not fight, it needed not to conquer the land. Just needed to let know the neighbouring powers that the land belong again a strong nation.
      The neighbouring empires did not wanted to accept this, but when they attacked Hungary in 907 at Pozsony, they got clear about it.

      If Trianon ever vanted to be just, they would held a popular votes on the stolen territories.
      But they knew what the result would be... so refused.

      And one more thing... you better of considering it over your nationalist point of view:
      ALL the nations within the land of the Holy Crown had ALWAYS a better living standard belonging to Hungary than being separated.
      Apart of when the Habsburgs managed to turn the nationalities against Hungary, because they was afraid of the indepence movements.
      Without Hungary the Habsburgs could not pay back the huge loan they got from the Rotschields...
      If you looking the facts deeply, you have to see that a reconstituted Hungary could be a REAL power in Europe, for the benefit of ALL of the nations living within its borders.

      All of those, who supporting the status quo, they suporting the colonialist EU ideology, and facilitating colonization of the small and weak countries.
      That should be the life of East Europe, that begging the usurpe of the IMF?
      Assembling cars for Germany and France?

      Together we would be able to do much more.
      But for that we need to step out from our childish attitudes.

    3. This is from "The black hand over Europe" written by Henry Pozzi. He was the most
      Qualified men ever to write that book. He just titled that section in his book about trianon
      "the vultures". Even Clemenceau realized but only when it was too late...He said "the jackals of our victory". By the way, the daco-roman continuity is the biggest lie of human kind, period. Take a look at I Vladislav's DNA examination. The same goes for Vlad Tepes and so on. Their origin goes back to Cumans, just like Genghis Khan. No wonder the stopped the examinations so early on. What a joke to claim a land that was never yours!!

      Of all the vanquished of World War I, Hungary had been the most cruelly hit. In the name of justice she was literally quartered. The punishment inflicted upon her was an execution... Never before had a peace imposed by violence been more brutal in its bias, madder in destructiveness, more forgetful of the lessons of history and better calculated to stir up old hatreds to new flames of loathing, than the "peace of redress and reason" born in 920...

  12. I like how everyone is writing about Austria-Hungary but didn't actually lived there, in those times. Everyone expect Hungarians was degraded and hungarized. And where is that bullshit from : Hungary was in war against it's will. Are you kidding me?

  13. István Tisza minister voted against the war, and wrote a letter to the emperor, that in case of victory, Hungary dont want any territory from the Serbian Kingdom...